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Mole Valley Farmers

Case Studies

Project Details

Concrete floor cleaning and treatment of garden centre.


To clean green algae from concrete floor and apply treatment to prevent regrowth. To be conducted whilst centre remained opened during working hours.


  1. Site survey by DSC personel to assess scope of works.
  2. Provision of full quotation along with RAMS and insurance documentation.
  3. Mole Valley Farmers ran an ‘approved contractor’ check to qualify DSC to continue project.
  4. On approval, DSC completed work using small on site team over period of 1 day. A flat washer was used to removed surface algae; Blackwash application to kill any remaining algae growth and to brighten appearance further. Finally, an application of long-acting Biocidal Treatment to prevent regrowth in future.
  5. Client satisfaction check within 7 days was completed.

“Very Helpful, helped clear area before, and helped put items back where there were once they had finished. Excellent service, looked better than I thought it would.”

Mole Valley Farmers

Case Studies of Our Cleaning Work

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Devon Surface Care Ltd were efficient and carried out the job very satisfactorily. They were also able to provide necessary document in a timely manner.

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Vale Vets Devon

Very efficient with service from start to finish, dealt in a professional manner and is a friendly polite service.

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Lyme Bay Winery

Devon Surface Care Ltd have provided us with an excellent and very professional service from start to finish.

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