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Soft Washing is an approved system of external cleaning that produces excellent results in a short space of time. We use a combination of pressure washing and soft washing but sometimes there is the need to use soft washing exclusively when the surface is particularly sensitive.

Soft washing is an environmentally friendly and extremely effective alternative to power washing. It is the use of dilute biocidal chemicals applied with low pressure water to exterior surfaces such as render, stone, bricks, roofs, metal, concrete, wood, painted surfaces, glass and PVC.


*STAY CLEAN Guarantee*
No algae / mould / lichen re-growth for at least 12 months… or we’ll come back and clean it again!

logoIn partnership with Benz

Our friends at Benz Softwash have explained how it works here.

“Many thanks for your hard work last Friday it is really appreciated and the house is looking so much better for your time here”

Soft wash on gutter, fascia and render in Uplowman, Crosses Farmhouse

How does it work?

The chemical reaction that takes place kills organic growth on the surface in a way that pressure cleaning cannot achieve. It is a thorough and versatile form of external cleaning making it possible to treat large surface areas in a short space of time. The visible results of using Blackwash are instant. However, the use of Biocide provides ongoing protection and even visible improvement for months after application.

We only use HSE approved Blackwash and Biocide.

Find out more about the products we use.

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Benefits of Soft Washing

  • Safe for all known building materials
  • Long lasting cleanliness
  • Kills organic growth and fungi spores
  • Cost effective
  • Unobtrusive process

We take great care to protect our team, clients and the surrounding environment on any given project. This is how we do it:

  • Training our team
  • Supplying and using correct PPE
  • Only using HSE approved products (see here)
  • Using Risk Assessments to minimise hazards in each project
  • Preventing run-off to land drains
  • Removing nearby pot plants
  • Using of warning cones and safety tape
  • Thorough communication with clients and neighbours about potential hazards


We care about the impact we have on our environment and have taken time to explore the environmental impacts of soft washing.

The active ingredient used in biocides is something called ‘Sodium Hypochlorite’. It is the active ingredient in domestic bleach, occurs naturally in the environment and is produced in small quantities by the human body.

So why eco friendly?

  • Using a 1% dilution (10 times less concentrated than bleach)
  • Chemicals and surfactants are all biodegradable
  • Active ingredients are safe and defective within 1 hour / when dry
  • Uses 75% less water than pressure cleaning

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