A Professional Company

Who We Are

Devon Surface Care Ltd exists to provide the very best in exterior care and cleaning – delivered with excellence and integrity.

Based in Tiverton we are a family-run business that are passionate about creating opportunities for everyone regardless of background. We actively support our team to transform their future through a nurturing, Christian environment.

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How we do things are really important to us. Our values guide how we make our decisions.

We always strive to do our best with the resources that we have. It applies to: our work on site; our communication with customers and how we work with others on our team.

Personal and Professional
We value each person and their unique needs whilst aiming to deliver a service that is easily identified as ‘professional’ by the way we talk, the way we look and the quality of service that we provide.

We are always looking to create a model of work that is sustainable and healthy – the hours we work and atmosphere we create must always serve the rest of life.

Big Picture
Stepping back from the details of each project is important to us. We are founded on the Christian belief that God is good and has a greater purpose for all that we do. We try and stay connected to this reality as much as possible.

Devon Surface Care Ltd exists to provide the very best in external surface care

– delivered with excellence and integrity.

Devon Surface Care Ltd

More Examples of our before and after work

Jonathan Hardy

Our managing director and quality control officer who stops at nothing for that perfect finish!
Jonny started Devon Surface Care in 2014 and continues to enjoy the process of facilitating transformation and growth both in our projects and on team.

When not working, Jonny invests his time in his family, local church and other interests including sport and projects in the workshop. He and his wife Beckie home-school their six young children so home is a busy but very valuable place! With a heritage in agriculture, the whole family enjoy animals, rural community and being outdoors.

Luke McNamara

Our longest standing team member! Luke is an excellent machine operator and has a broad experience in delivering all our cleaning services. He loves travelling and meeting new clients all over Devon.

In his spare time Luke loves to play football and golf. He lives together with his family of five: Mum, brother and two sisters.

Nathan Hill

An excellent machine operator, Nathan is one of our only team members to be specially requested by returning customers! Unsurprisingly, Nathan loves getting jobs just right and having satisfied customers.

Nathan is outgoing and embraces the adventure of life. He enjoys golf, football and rugby and has a passion to inspire future generations to fulfil their dreams.

Josh Lines

Josh is one of our lead operators and loves overseeing a variety of site work. He has an incredible attention to detail and constantly pushes himself and his team to be the best.

Trucks have dominated Josh’s spare time since he was a boy. He gained his HGV license early on and pursued a career in driving before joining Devon Surface Care. He loves and cares for his friends and family and is part of his local church community.

Mary-Ann Martin

Mary-Ann is our office administrator extraordinaire. She holds the nuts and bolts, finance and just about everything together with great skill and flexibility! Mary-Ann loves being part of the team and using her strengths in admin.

Outside of office work Mary-Ann also runs a farm with her husband, Jeremy, and is the mother of two adult children. When she has shut up the chickens for the night, she loves to play her guitar, take walks and spend time with her family.