Covid-19 Update

Thursday 26th March

Dear Friends,

It’s undoubtedly been a challenging time for everyone. But I wanted to give you an update especially as you may have seen our vans back on the road.

Following the Prime Minister’s address on Tuesday 24th March, I took the decision to pull all our teams off all of our sites immediately while we sought clarity on the best way to support the government in the fight to halt Covid-19. Today you find us back on site. A decision we have only taken on the guidance from the Health Secretary, our team and you our customers.

Yesterday we received clarification via our MP that the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock stated that “When it’s not possible for people to work from home they can go to work and indeed it’s important that they do so to keep the country running.”

This guidance is naturally hard for us. We pride ourselves in being different, not only passionate about delivering the very best for our customers but putting people at the heart of everything. Whilst it is important we work to keep the country running, and safeguard our business long term, the wellbeing of those we work for and with is paramount and remains my priority above all else.

This has meant that we are working in a totally new way – following government guidelines we are taking extra precautions to protect you and ourselves. We call it our 3-point plan:
1. Zero Contact Policy – we don’t need to see you, all conversations prior to work will be held over the phone. If we need a site visit you can guide us through a window. When on site, all teams will use disinfectant before entering the site and work a minimum of 2 metres apart at all times. If this is not possible that portion of the work will be left for a later date when it is safe to complete.
2. Choice to work – Everyone working has chosen to work. The office teams are working remotely – Mary-Ann is still on the end of the phone, answering emails, scheduling work and keeping you up to date on social media.
3. Customer Agreement – We only work on site with the explicit agreement of the customer. We are also taking bookings for later in the year.
Beyond that – we may not be seeing you, but if we are due to work for you and you would like us to pick up some groceries on the way so you can stay at home – please say. We don’t want to appear rude by not accepting tea or biscuits, but would love a wave or a thumbs up through the window just to say you are well.

Above all, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families during this time and thank you for all the words of encouragement we have received – and the sunshine that is lifting all our spirits.

Jonny Hardy
Managing Director