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A Professional Company

Who We Are

Devon Surface Care Ltd exists to provide the very best in external surface care – delivered with excellence and integrity.

We are a small professional company working throughout Devon cleaning, restoring and sealing driveways, patios, roofs and gutters in domestic and commercial sectors.

Whether we are restoring a beloved patio garden to it’s former glory or cleaning a commercial building using powered access, we love the variety and the golden thread of ‘excellence and integrity’ is woven through everything we do. We’re particularly passionate about creating a culture for both our staff team and clients which seeks to invest in and serve each person.

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How we do things are of utmost importance to us. Our values help guide how we make decisions.

Transparent and honest with customers about who we are, what we can do, prices we set and mistakes we make.

Personal and Professional
We value each person and their unique needs whilst also aiming to deliver a service that is easily identified as ‘professional’ by the way we talk, the way we look and the quality of service that we provide.

Business and work takes it’s place amongst the rest of our lives including family. This is why we are always looking to create a model of work that is sustainable and healthy – hours we work and atmosphere we create must always serve the rest of life.

Expect God’s Favour
Devon Surface Care Ltd is founded on the assumption that we have God’s favour to prosper us, bless us and to cover for us in our mistakes. We don’t take this for granted and take time every day to express our gratitude for God’s goodness and grace in our work and lives.

Devon Surface Care Ltd exists to provide the very best in external surface care

– delivered with excellence and integrity.

Devon Surface Care Ltd

More Examples of our before and after work


Jonathan Hardy

Our expert in making projects happen well – Jonny is our self-designated quality control officer who stops at nothing for that perfect finish! He also happens to own the business…

When not working, Jonny invests his time in his family, local church and other interests including sport and projects in the workshop. He and his wife Beckie home-school their four young children so home is a busy but very valuable place! With a heritage in agriculture, the whole family enjoy animals, rural community and being outdoors.


John Raynor

John runs our office and oversees the nuts and bolts of making things actually happen. He is an administrational genius! However, if you are lucky, you might also catch him on site applying his own brand of thoroughness to any given project.

His past occupations include work as an estate agent, a music teacher, a cycle courier and a medical records clerk. He loves cycling, and will talk a lot about bikes if invited to, so don’t invite him to. Although now very happily settled in Devon, John has spent time living in Africa, the USA and various parts of French-speaking Europe.



Tim Boxer

Spends some time in the office and some on site thinking about how best we can serve our customers. He is also a proficient machine operator and enjoys the process of transformation during each project.

Tim is married to Ruth and enjoys his role as a father of 7 and as a husband! In the past he has worked as a gardener, drum teacher and youth pastor for a church. For fun, Tim enjoys cooking, outdoor adventures, writing stories and watching Bear Grylls with his kids.


Friends of DSC



Phil Slack

As a project engineer with a background in construction, Phil has years of experience working on commercial buildings and provides us with invaluable consultancy and advice when it comes to some of our larger commercial projects. We are grateful to Phil for his ongoing input to Devon Surface Care Ltd.


Matt Shaw

Matt spends his time working full time as a construction manager and works on sites throughout Devon overseeing projects and their related workforce. As a friend of DSC he often helps us piece together the management side of commercial projects and is an expert in health and safety. We are grateful to him for his generous input!