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As part of our ongoing growth, we are recruiting the following key positions based at the hub in Tiverton

Primarily involves taking daily responsibility for the provision of services to clients as per the agreed contract. This will include experience with a variety of tools, a knowledge of each product and how they combine to form our offers. You will be expected to manage medium-level responsibilities throughout the working day including driving company vehicles, managing other operators on site and ensuring an excellent standard of workmanship at all times.

A dual role that included estimating new projects and working onsite as required. This role involves meeting new clients, analysing each project site specifically and raising a full written quotation within the computer systems. Alongside this, a confidence based on a full knowledge and experience of the offers available will be critical. The ability to drive company vehicles will be essential alongside the ability to manage time well to complete to specific deadlines.

For further information or an application form, please email info@devonsurfacecare.co.uk or ring 01884 370 073.